Welcome to the island of Spetses! 

Spetses is an island with rich history. First proof of human residence at the 3rd millennium is pottery of this era which has been excavated in the area of Aghia Marina.

The Bronze Age shipwreck of “Dokos”, considered to be on of the oldest known shipwrecks in the world, is placed in 2000 BC.  Findings of this as well as of the Mycenaean shipwreck of “Iria” at about 1200BC are exhibited at the Museum in Spetses.  Furthermore, there is a Byzantine settlement in Zogeria and basilica churches in the area of Baltiza.

The 18th century marks the beginning of the island’s economical peak up to the revolution of 1821 against the Turkish occupation. It was during this era that the already flourishing fleet of Spetses contributed to the great cause under the command of the heroin Laskarina Bouboulina who   devoted her ships and wealth for the liberty of the country.

Bouboulina’s house as well as the house of hero Hatzigiannis Mexis are today turned into museums of local history. It is in honor of all these brave people and of the heroic naval battles that every year at the first fortnight of September the re-enactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship takes place among fireworks, dances and other festivities.

Deriving from such a historic background the town of the island is a conglomerate of the past and the present in a unique mixture of tradition and contemporary life.