Learn the history of the restored building

In the 1920’s Dimitrios Daskalakis built a textile and spinning factory, which stopped operating after World War II.  The facade of this factory still exists today. One can still see in the sea the ruins of the pier in front of the factory, which was used to ship in the cotton bales. The cotton was then turned into thread.

In the years that followed the factory was used as a power plant, producing electricity (DC), which was distributed to the houses of the island until the 1950’s when the National Electricity Company took over.

It was also used as an ice producing factory. The ice was mainly used to freeze the fish sent to the Piraeus fish market until the 1960’s.

In 1989, the destroyed and deserted building was bought by the Greek ship owner Andreas Kyrtatas from Andros island. The “factory” was restored with great care and gave its place to the “Nissia” traditional residences, which today are one of the loveliest holiday family resorts in Spetses.

“Nissia”, which in Greek means islands, took its name from the fact that each residence has the name of a Greek island. “Nissia” is not only characterized by the existence of the superbly restored original façade (which since 1985 has been declared by law as a preserved monument of the industrial architectural heritage of Greece by the late Melina Merkouri ex Minister of Culture), but also for the high quality of services it offers to its guests.